Monday, 2 November 2015

Using the new telerik RadListView for NativeScript

One of the main things we wanted in our app, is the ability for the user to search through exercises and pick ones that they like.

There are about 1000 exercises to choose from, and up until now there was not a nice image gallery option that worked well.

This has now changed with the Telerik UI for Nativescript RadListView control.

It supports a grid layout mode.

A list view layout mode.

A staggered mode (which is similar to grid mode), but I haven't used that yet.

It supports going to an index, so you can use a quick jump option, sorting, pull to refresh, swipe operations and much more.

It is a preview build and has some bugs but it is looking very promising.

If you are developing a NativeScript app, it is worth downloading the sdk examples and giving it a try.

Tap English, then search for exercises.

You can swipe left or right to see details on the exercise, use the letters to jump to exercises starting with that letter.

At the moment there is a bug with itemtap which prevents exercise selection/deselection showing up.

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